Do It Yourself – Tutorials – How to Make a Website – Create Your Own Website – Full Tutorial

by | Sep 1, 2021 | 0 comments

Do It Yourself – Tutorials – How to Make a Website – Create Your Own Website – Full Tutorial

by | Sep 1, 2021 | Do It Yourself - Build Your Own Website | 0 comments

Do It Yourself – Website Tutorials

Are you ready to learn how to create your own website? Today’s video is sponsored by Wix – Create your own website with Wix: . Have you been wanting to learn how to build your own website, but didn’t know how to start? Today I am showing a full tutorial on how to make a website using Wix. Wix is a powerful tool to create your own website which offers a wide variety of features, beautiful templates, and a user-friendly editor. A website is something every business needs and if you don’t have one, now is the time to get started. Let me show you how to build your website to take your business to the next level using Wix to create a custom website tailored to your needs. We will cover building a website which includes an image gallery, embedded video, contact form, faq, call to action, and more. Create your own custom website to reach more target clients for your small business. View the timestamps below to navigate to each section.

Timestamp Menu:
0:00 Intro – sponsored by Wix
0:43 Everyone should have a website
1:15 Create your own website
1:20 Background on the site I’m building today
1:48 Starting your design + templates
2:46 Changing the top logo/site name
2:58 Changing the header
3:32 Cropping an image
4:08 Adding shapes + text
5:30 How to set your theme colors
6:14 How to add a new content block (strip)
6:36 How to add a photo gallery
7:20 Adding links to images
7:54 How to add an image
9:14 If you can’t find a feature….
9:16 How to add a FAQ
9:50 How to add a video player
10:30 How to add a contact form
11:04 How to add a services strip
14:07 How to zoom out to reorganize the page
14:57 How to preview the desktop + mobile versions
15:50 Create your own site – click the link in the description

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