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About This Video
In this Tutorial, I will walk you through the entire process of how to easily build your own website via the Elementor Page Builder.

This course is for anyone who desires or needs to have their own website which includes but is not limited to; business owners, freelancers, creatives, entrepreneurs, web designers, bloggers, etc.

Great thing is there are no class prerequisites or requirements to take this class – anyone can learn how to!

See bottom for links to resources included in the classes.

Why Take This Class?

❤Create a unique and clean website in just over an hour
❤Save money and time
❤Learn to set up a domain and hosting
❤Become learned and master the live page builder, Elementor
❤Become learned and master WordPress
❤Countless possibilities and
❤Up-to-date and modern “how to” class
❤Create a mobile friendly and fully responsive website
❤Easy even for beginners
Engaging and high quality
❤+7 years of experience in web design and WordPress applied to this class
❤Learn to create your very first website you can be proud of

Links for class sections:

Buy Best Hosting:-

Step 1: Installing WordPress

Step 2: Creating the Website (before “Creating the Menu”)

Make a Website less than 20 minutes:-

To create your website you can download these free templates shared in Google Drive I have created just for you and I will show you how to use them!

C (programming language):

Video Editing Tutorial:

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