Do It Yourself – Website Tutorials

Thank you Wix for sponsoring this video! This is a bit different to my usual tutorials, but I know that there’s a bunch of you who are either starting to paint or even have your own art shops, so this will be a great opportunity for you to create your very own customised art portfolio website! Please take a look at the above link for more information. Hope this is useful for you and hope you have fun building your own website!

00:25 Choosing website type
00:56 Choosing website template
01:27 Picking a template
01:36 mobile preview
01:58 Left bar tools

02:58 Start editing
03:08 Editing header and footer
03:56 Inserting image
05:55 Changing horizontal menu
06:55 Picking and customising gallery
07:35 Inserting image to gallery

07:55 Adding new page
08:15 Setting gallery for new pages
09:07 Customising the about page
09.46 Linking Instagram account
10:12 Featuring Youtube videos
10:40 Website preview

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