Do It Yourself – Tutorials – Google Sites: Complete guide Create an Educational Website & contact page! #googlesites

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Do It Yourself – Tutorials – Google Sites: Complete guide Create an Educational Website & contact page! #googlesites

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Do It Yourself – Website Tutorials

This video tutorial is a step by step guide to using Google Sites. It will enable you to set up your own Educational Website. This is a quick and simple video with clear instructions and guidance on how to create a Contacts page. In this video you will learn about creating a basic website, adding clickable objects like pictures and links, adding a picture gallery and adding a video into your pages. In addition, this video tutorial voers the process of adding a contracts page so that people can contact you. This is needed and is essential for any business. Finally, it will briefly show you how to improve the look and feel of your website.

Russell Stannard has been running Teacher Training Videos for several years. You might now find yourself having to do a lot of teaching and instruction online, rather than face-to-face. Teaching online is becoming increasingly popular. However, this video tutorial is more focused on setting up a simple educational based site so that you can demonstrate what it is that you do and what services you can offer. You can also see from this tutorial that my personal website, rather than the Teacher Training Videos, has a menu system and a contact form. Although both have a menu, my example here is showing you a personal educational website – held at Russell Watch as I replicate a site using Google Sites.

Google Sites is one of the apps that is available with a Google (Gmail) account. You can access Google Sites by being logged into Google. Click on your apps and select ‘Drive’ then click on new. Select More and Google Sites. This will open your site and the best thing to do is give your file name a proper title. This tutorial shows you how to do this. I show you that it is a good idea to choose a file name before you get started. The banner should also include the same or a similar title.

The tutorial shows you how to upload a picture from your Google Drive, but you also have the option to upload from your own computer. In the demonstration I select a photo from my own hard drive. You can manipulate pictures very easily within Google Sites. You can resize or add a clickable link to the picture. You can text and also reposition it for maximum effect. You can easily copy and grab text and paste it into your site. In this video tutorial Russell shows you how to do this and, later, how to add links.

You can preview how your page is looking at any time. Google Sites allows you to add a link onto an image, such as a photo or picture. This tutorial covers the basics of adding links to text, such as hyperlink, or to pictures. When working in Google Sites navigation is fairly straightforward. Add a new page and build up your website using educational technology. Normally menus are built using pages. The menu system gets automatically created in Google Sites. You can add a video and this tutorial shows you, for example, how to grab a YouTube video. Google links to YouTube anyway. Anything in YouTube can be easily added because of it being owned by Google, its parent company. Russell shows you how to select and add a video onto the screen. You can also add text. You can edit this text at any point. For example, make it bold or give it a title or heading. Preview how your page looks at any time. This video tutorial shows you how to do this easily.

If you are new to remote or online teaching and learning then this tutorial will help you set up your own educational page, so that you can advertise your tutoring services. You might be a tutor or a language teacher, for example. But you might offer a different kind of online service. This video tutorial continues to go through the basic features of Google Sites, and you can quickly learn about things such as layouts, which Russell goes onto to talk about a third of the way through this tutorial.

If you want to add a gallery, or a series of photos from your computer, you can select several images. Watch as Russell adds several photos to build up a gallery profile. You can create a gallery in Google Sites from selecting several photos, one after the other, or simultaneously. About halfway through this video you can see how the educational website that you want to create is building up. Some important things are that you might need to have a contact page. Any business needs a contact page. This is best done using Google Forms, rather than Sites. But everything you build up in Sites you can add straight in from other Google Suite apps. Linking is easy with Google Drive features and apps.


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