Do It Yourself – Tutorials – Free WordPress website Create Bangla tutorial 2021 | free WordPress website Setup| New Science Tech

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Do It Yourself – Tutorials – Free WordPress website Create Bangla tutorial 2021 | free WordPress website Setup| New Science Tech

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Do It Yourself – Website Tutorials

How to create a free WordPress website | Free WordPress website Create Bangla tutorial 2021 | New Science Tech

How to create a free website

If you want to create a free website, after reading this post you can easily create your own personal website without any knowledge of web design. Most people think about creating a website and think that you need to know different types of coding to create a website. However, I guarantee that you will be able to create a website for your personal or small business completely free of cost by simply dragging and dropping without knowing any kind of HTML and CSS.

Websites have become a very important part of the current generation. There is no substitute for a website for personal or institutional purposes. A website can introduce your organization to the whole world faster and easier than any other way. In this generation of information and communication technology, the website can bring your organization’s information to people around the world.

You will find many free domains and hosting services online but the question is how reliable and how easy it is. Most free domain and hosting provider companies allow certain services to be used for free. When your website becomes a little popular, they limit you to their services and force you to pay a variety of charges. So before creating a website on any free platform, you have to look at its pros and cons and then create a website. Otherwise you will face various problems to run your website in the future.

Rules for creating a website:
Websites can be created in two ways. One is completely free and the other is for money. Today we will share how to create a website for free. However, if you want to create a website for money, you can buy a domain and hosting and create a website in your own name or in the name of the organization. Usually big bloggers or big companies create websites for money. However, most personal websites are made for free.

Creating a free website
Here are six ways to create a free website. You can create a free website by choosing any platform of your choice. However, in case of opening a free website, I will personally suggest Google BlogSpot and Google Site. Because it is a Google company, you can rely 100% on running a website. In addition, you can easily create a free website in four other ways if you want.
01. Create a free website with Google Blogger
Google Blogger is Google’s own web service. A website can be easily created using Gmail ID without any coding knowledge. Especially since it is a product of Google, blogging can be continued with full confidence.

02. Create a free website with Google Sites
Google Sites is a modern tool for creating a website. This gives you the opportunity to create an attractive website for free. Google launched their Google Sites service in early 2006. In the beginning it did not attract the attention of web designers. Because in the first case, after the launch of the Google site, it was not possible to design a website. But at the end of 2016, Google re-launched the redesigned version of the Google site. Now many professional quality websites can be created for free using Google site.

Free website create link :


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