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[ NO CODING SKILL REQUIRED + Template Provided ] In this STEP by STEP tutorial, You’ll learn How to Make a Personal Portfolio WordPress Website or Resume Website in 2020. This WordPress Elementor Tutorial is for Beginners.

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Okay, let me ask you one thing… Are you an entrepreneur? Small Business Owner? Freelancer?

Now think about it? How are you different from your competitors? How many of your competitors have their personal portfolio website?

Having a personal portfolio website automatically makes you stand out from the crowd! It shows that you’re more serious and modern-minded than 99%. Even if you’re a student or just applying for jobs, why not use your portfolio website as your resume or CV.

Even if you are an offline business owner, still do you need a website? Specifically, do you need to learn how to make a personal portfolio website or business website by yourself? OF COURSE!

Even, if you just put your portfolio website URL into your business card, that will instantly make you stand out. Nowadays, Personal Portfolio Website is just not about personal branding, IT IS YOUR IDENTITY!

⏰Timestamps for creating a WordPress website step by step ⏰
STEP #1: Get a Domain Name & Web Hosting 6:15
STEP #2: Install WordPress 14:00
STEP #3: Activate a New WordPress Theme 27:58
STEP #4: Activate Page Builder + Install other plugins 30:22
STEP #5: Start creating Your Website using Page Builder 35:40
STEP #6: Import the provided Template & Customize it 1:25:28
STEP #7: Create a NEW Contact Form 1:49:49
STEP #8: How to create a Blog 1:59:17
STEP #9: How to Make a FREE logo 2:09:19
STEP #10: How to create a navigation menu/ Jump Buttons 2:17:10
STEP #11: Customize footer & Creating Footer Menu 2:22:14
STEP #12: How to create Disclaimer/Privacy Policy pages 2:27:09
STEP #13: CONGRATULATIONS!! You Made it! 2:34:55

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5 Million+ website owners started using the Elementor page builder. I’ll show you the easiest way how you can create your personal resume website using Elementor Page Builder yourself.

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