Do It Yourself – Tutorials – DIY LED METAR Map. Build your own desktop METAR map. Part 2

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Do It Yourself – Tutorials – DIY LED METAR Map. Build your own desktop METAR map. Part 2

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Do It Yourself – Website Tutorials

You can buy ready made maps here:

Click here for part one of the tutorial:

Video two Index:
PCB – Polygon pour: 0:06
PCB – Generate Gerber Files: 15:38
Ordering the PCB: 19:17
Preparing the Raspberry Pi: 29:12
Preparing the PCB: 34:01
Punching holes into the map: 39:48
Final assambly: 43:25

FAA Map:

Airport METAR Database:


Sample Page

PCB Ordering:

STL files:

Frame white:
Frame black:

Raspberry Pi:
Power Supply:
SD Card:
Power Connector:
Dual Female Pin Header:
Easel Back:

Hole Punch:
X-Acto knife:
X-Acto blades:
Cutting Mat:

Part Numbers JLCPCB:
LED: C965555
SN74AHCT125PWR (Small IC): C36365
SN74AHCT125DR (Bigger IC):C155176

Parts Circuitmaker:

TI (Texas Instruments) SN74AHCT125PWR
Single Pad:
Power Connector: CP-037A-ND
Raspberry Pi Connector: Harwin M20-7832046

Template Case:
Template Easel:

Hole Locations:

left upper corner: 3mm:-3mm, 20mm:-3mm, 3mm:-20mm
middle up: 100mm: -3mm, 150mm:-3mm
right upper corner: 230mm:-3mm, 247mm:-3mm, 247mm:-20mm
middle right: 247mm:-100mm, 247mm:-150mm
right bottom corner:247mm:-230mm, 247mm:-247mm, 230mm:-247mm
middle bottom: 150mm:-247mm, 100mm:-247mm
left bottom corner: 20mm:-247mm, 3mm:-247mm, 3mm:-230mm
middle left: 3mm:-150mm, 3mm:-100mm

This map is only decorative and
not to be used for flight planning purposes.


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