Do It Yourself – Website Tutorials

Here is how you can design your own customized subscription box with FREE tools with the Packlane and Picmonkey websites. If you are an entrepreneur and work from home with your own product, you will certainly find this tutorial helpful!

Hey hey! I would like to take the time to introduce myself and share my experience being an entrepreneur for just a few months after quitting my FULL-TIME job in management. I started my own subscription box business for women after I realized that working the “normal” 9-5 is not what I was wired for.

I have gained experience in business management for years and now I am finally in a place where I am running my own business from home.

… Oh and let’s just add in the fact that I am a new wife! Sheesh! I am so excited to show you very transparent videos about my entrepreneurship journey and day in the life vlogs where you can get to know me better!

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