Do It Yourself – Tutorials – CooCoo Smart Site – Tutorial 8 – (Social Media Links) – Build your Joomla website in under 1 Hour!

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Do It Yourself – Tutorials – CooCoo Smart Site – Tutorial 8 – (Social Media Links) – Build your Joomla website in under 1 Hour!

by | Aug 21, 2021 | Do It Yourself - Build Your Own Website | 0 comments

Do It Yourself – Website Tutorials

How to build a professional Joomla Website in under 60 minutes!
We show you how quick and easy it is to upload your content into our CooCoo Smart Site System.

If you need to change your social media links, or if you’ve created new business pages on social media, you can easily add or edit links to existing social media platforms. Simply go to the social media management form.
You will see that we have automatically pulled all the information that you put in initially, and now you can edit these links, add links and even delete links if you don’t want them displaying anymore.

To find out what great benefits you get from the CooCoo Smart Site System, please visit

To order the CooCoo System for your own professional website, follow this link:

Download Full Tutorial Here:

Translated titles:
CooCoo Smart Site-Tutorial 8-(Enlaces a redes sociales)-¡Cree su sitio web Joomla en menos de 1 hor

CooCoo Smart Site-Tutorial 8-(Social Media Links)-Erstellen Sie Ihre Joomla-Website in weniger als 1

CooCoo Smart Site-Tutoriel 8-(Liens vers les réseaux sociaux)-Créez votre site Web Joomla en moins

CooCoo Smart Site-Tutorial 8-(Links de mídia social)-Construa seu site Joomla em menos de 1 hora!

CooCoo Smart Site-Tutoriaal 8-(Skakels na sosiale media)-Bou u Joomla-webwerf binne minder as 1 uur!

CooCoo Smart Site-Tutorial 8-(Link ai social media)-Crea il tuo sito Joomla in meno di 1 ora!

CooCoo Smart Site-Uqeqesho lwe8-(Amakhonkco eMidiya yoLuntu)-Yakha iwebhusayithi yakho yeJoomla phan

CooCoo Smart Site-Isifundo 8-(Social Media Links)-Yakha iwebhusayithi yakho yeJoomla ngaphansi kweho


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