Do It Yourself – Tutorials – Building Complete Webflow Dropshipping Website (Tutorial)

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Do It Yourself – Tutorials – Building Complete Webflow Dropshipping Website (Tutorial)

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Do It Yourself – Website Tutorials

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We cover how you can use Webflow to launch and build your own e-commerce dropshipping website. Webflow is a Shopify alternative that provides more design control for their users. You’ll watch over my shoulder as I build a wireless earbuds site from scratch. We source products from an AliExpress supplier who has over 5,000 previous orders. You’ll see me work through different situations and be able to get familiar with the Webflow site builder. For fast shipping on your dropshipping site, don’t forget to check out Deliverr.

You learn, then remove the L.
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Book recommendations:
Three Feet From Gold – Sharon Lechter:
The Everything Store – Brad Stone:
Delivering Happiness – Tony Hsieh:
The Bezos Letters – Steve Anderson:
What Would The Rockefellers Do – Garrett Gunderson :
The Science of Getting Rich – Wallace Wattles:
How Successful People Think – John Maxwell:
Law of Success – Napoleon Hill:
Thinking On Purpose – Richard Bandler:
Get the Life You Want – Richard Bandler:

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0:00 – Intro
1:21 – Getting Into It
2:03 – Creating Website
2:20 – Making First Clone
2:50 – Uploading Custom Font
4:00 – Starting The Design
5:02 – User Interface Rundown
8:02 – Downloading Product Images
8:54 – Editing Website
9:28 – Adding New Sections
11:11 – Using Flowbase For Templates
13:02 – Customizing Footer
14:30 – Adding Main Section Content
17:25 – Finding Shop Templates
18:25 – Customizing Templates
23:12 – Grabbing Content
26:22 – Customizing Content
32:00 – Adding Products
35:00 – More Content Customizing
36:54 – Editing Page SEO
37:21 – Editing Dynamic Product Page
44:30 – Creating Site Logo and Favicon
48:50 – More General Site Editing and Cleanup
52:58 – Making The Photos Crop Match
54:59 – Choosing Site Plan
55:15 – Connecting Site Domain
56:28 – Adding Rest Of Products
57:01 – Customizing Bottom Of Product Page
58:55 – Cleaning Up Product Page
1:06:24 – Customizing Checkout Page
1:07:36 – Cleaning Up Home Page
1:11:15 – Creating Site Policy Pages
1:13:52 – Grabbing Contact Template
1:15:31 – Editing Privacy Policy Page
1:16:54 – Editing Shipping Policy Page
1:17:34 – Editing Returns Policy Page
1:18:25 – Finishing The Contact Page
1:19:01 – More Reviewing and Finishing Up Site
1:20:09 – Editing The Checkout Pop Up
1:22:48 – Finishing My Reviews and Double Checking
1:23:02 – Enabling E-Commerce Checkout
1:23:21 – Editing Shipping Settings
1:24:10 – Finishing Touches
1:25:00 – Connecting Payment Processor
1:26:44 – Reviewing Our Work
1:28:30 – Adding Links To The Footer
1:29:33 – Cameron’s Final Words

Background music:
Zeus Makes Beats –

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