Do It Yourself – Tutorials – BUILD YOUR OWN SOFT WASH SYSTEM [Doug Rucker's KINGSLINGER]

by | Apr 1, 2021 | 0 comments

Do It Yourself – Tutorials – BUILD YOUR OWN SOFT WASH SYSTEM [Doug Rucker's KINGSLINGER]

by | Apr 1, 2021 | Do It Yourself - Build Your Own Website | 0 comments

Do It Yourself – Website Tutorials

This BUILD YOUR OWN SOFT WASH SYSTEM video provides in depth, step by step instructions for installing the Kingslinger to compressor.

Are you looking to start a pressure washing business? Check out our training and mentoring opportunities at

I have an online video school with over 260 training videos that will help you drastically cut your learning curve if you are starting a pressure washing business.

Be sure to check out our Pressure Washing Classes and Training Schedule here.

For all your pressure washing equipment and supplies please visit

Awesome shooter tip to help you clean 2-4 stories high

Sling Shot Shooter Nozzle

RAP for gutter brightening and restoring oxidation

RAP Degreaser Cleaner Surfactant

High Performance Lubricants-Best Oil and Lubricants for your Vehicles and Equipment

High Performance Lubricants Heavy Duty Motor Oil

RAP All Purpose Cleaner

RAP Degreaser Cleaner Surfactant

Adjustable Dual Lance Gun

Adjustable Dual Lance Straight Wand DRSDLSS

Reach It water Fed Pole System I use

Pressure Washers Spot Free Windows Upsell Pack

Kingslinger Soft Wash System

Mad Max 9GPM Pressure Washer

CW 9 GPM Mad Max Pressure Washer

Schertz Box Remote Control for Downstreaming

Downstream Remote System

Here are some helpful tools I use that I purchase through Amazon. These are my affiliate links, that I earn a small commission on for posting them. Trust me it’s not much….

Warner Tool Spray Shield to Protect Doors

Silcock/Water Key for Commercial Water Supplies

SprayWay Glass Cleaner

Huck Towels For Cleaning Glass

The BEST and MOST COMFORTABLE work boot I have ever owned. And Water Proof

Best most stable Ladder Stabilizer you can get

Stucco Tape for taping Doors and other areas

Goolo Charger

Ball Valve For Soft Washing

Outdoor Edge Razor Knife

Two part epoxy Paste

Manfrotto Tri Pod Kit

Crow Foot Wrench

50 Foot Flexzilla 3/8 Air Hose

Rigid Soaker Nozzle



Safety Glasses

Pipe Thread Sealant for Dougenator

Cell Phone Stand Holder-Great inexpensive cell phone/Ipad holder for desk


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