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This video demonstrates the first steps concerning to how to build a softphone by using Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK. This tutorial is the 1. part of a 3-part video tutorial series, in which you can learn how to download and install Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK, then how to create a new Visual Studio project and write the source code (including creating softphone objects, initializing them, creating necessary events, executing SIP registration, checking the results).

Having done the first steps, let’s move on to the next level: check the 2. part of the “How to develop a softphone by using Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK” video tutorial series and get to know how to create a GUI for your softphone and how to make some test calls:

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– How to install and configure Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK:
– How to register SIP accounts:
– How to encrypt calls with SIP encryption:

About the software:
Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK is a high-performance VoIP SDK for .NET developers that can be used to create such a powerful VoIP applications as a webphone, a softphone, an IVR menu system, a call center, a PBX or different kind of mobile technologies.

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