Digital Shopper Marketing

Traditional vendor funding through flyers or circular hasn’t seen its time come yet. Partnering with both private label and big brands on effectively communicating offers to consumers has worked and will continue to work for some time. If something isn’t broken, there is no need to attempt to fix it. However, the ability to offer your vendors digital opportunities is at your fingertips and can generate additional vendor funding for your company.

Utilizing your data and segmented audience targeting, you can effectively promote offers or campaigns for your vendors at a premium per-impression price point, and utilize this spend to also build a bigger audience for your brand.

How it works

You have a digital ecosystem that can provide a ton of valuable data. Even if you don’t have a significant digital advertising budget, and you believe that your website is underperforming, there is a huge opportunity to use the data available to execute vendor funded campaigns. Once you have everything in place across social media, your website, and advertising platforms we can offer digital solutions to your vendors at a premium cost.

Example. You could partner with North America’s biggest Macaroni and Cheese vendor to offer an exclusive discount at your store(s) digitally, and put the offer in front of thousands of current + potential consumers across multiple channels. The beauty of this is that the vendor funding pays for it. You set it up, press GO and start acquiring new customers, retain current with an exclusive offer and build a bigger digital audience.

I have over 15 years in the grocery industry at the corporate level in both IT and Marketing. I created one of Western Canada’s biggest grocery chain’s digital shopper marketing program. It exceeded expectations and generated significant revenue and still does to this day.


Increase Vendor Funding, Get Mor Foot Traffic & Build A Bigger Social Audience

Regardless of your current digital presence, we will build a platform that is scalable and can be executed by any of your team members. This consultation includes hands-on development, analysis, and presentation to ensure that you can easily partner with the biggest vendors globally on communicating their offers, driving more foot traffic through to your location and build a bigger digital audience for your company.


Let's chat about how we can create your digital shopper marketing program!

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