Digital Advertising Tutorials – What is Google AdWords in Telugu? | How to use Google AdWords to Improve your Business in Telugu?

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Digital Advertising Tutorials – What is Google AdWords in Telugu? | How to use Google AdWords to Improve your Business in Telugu?

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Digital Advertising Tutorials

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Google Ads works for every sector such as B2B, B2C and plays a major role. Digital marketers are spending about 50% of their expenditure on Google Ads. Google provides different certifications such as Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Google Video Ads, Google shopping ads, etc
Let us begin with Google Search Ads and Google cloud which are major revenue generators for Google. Google uses the data of the users by giving the users’ information to advertisers as insights. For instance, in Google Display ads you can submit your ad to 25+ or 35+ adults to see your advertisement. This is done by Google as an advertiser by using your data on advertisement platforms.
Google as a digital marketer or advertiser is providing as many data points as possible will help in running our campaign perfectly. But in the case of Face book which gives us maximum data points, the ads run only on Facebook only. Nevertheless, in the case of Google as it is tied up with every website you get to observe more display ads.
In the case of Google Search Ads, you get Ad copy, Ad extensions and are available only on the Google platform or those platforms tied up with Google. Next comes, Google Display Ads such as you can see in the case of famous websites such as Eenadu, Andhra Jyoti as right side banner strips. In Google Display Ads you can add pin code, location to run your ad campaigns to those seen by particular users.
Google Display Ads are used by FMCG, E-commerce companies. Large organizations choose Google Display ads due to their capacity on spending large amounts on advertisements.
YouTube Ads are another type of Google Ads such as when you see Skip Ad which is YouTube Ads. The YouTube Ads can be run, optimized for customers such as by educational institutions by putting 30-second ads. The entertainment industry also uses YouTube Ads.
Remarketing Ads is like reminding the customers about the product or services provided when they had earlier visited the website resulting in automatic conversion. So, remarketing Ads play a crucial role.
If you would like to do a Google Ad marketing campaign with a budget of Rs.10 lakhs then you can spend about Rs.6 lakhs on Search Ads, Rs.2 lakhs on Display Ads, Rs.1 lakhs on YouTube Ad and remaining Rs.1 lakh on Remarketing Ads and depending on the duration of the campaign.
Bidding and keyword selection is very important but it is not useful when you spend too much on bidding. Selecting the right keyword and placing it is necessary. There is huge competition for keywords but the ROI on competitive keywords is huge.
So it is important to choose keywords or keyword selection using tools such as SEMRUSH, Ahref and observing and analyzing competitors’ ads. You should also do A/B testing and run ad campaigns on different sizes on Remarketing Ads to successfully run Google Ads campaigns.


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