Digital Advertising Tutorials – How to Use Negative Keywords in Google Adwords PPC Campaigns (Complete Tutorial)

by | Apr 6, 2022 | 0 comments

Digital Advertising Tutorials – How to Use Negative Keywords in Google Adwords PPC Campaigns (Complete Tutorial)

by | Apr 6, 2022 | Digital Advertising | 0 comments

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Exact Process of How to Find & Use Negative Keywords in Adwords Campaigns for Clients and Your Own Business.

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What Are Negative Keywords
Negative keywords are simple words and phrases that you upload to Google ads in order to stop your ads from showing on certain searches.

You can place these key phrase on entire accounts, single campaigns, and even single ad groups.

Keyword match types can be used with negative keywords to eliminate more specific phrases.

Negative Keyword Match Types
Match types (both positive and negative) are indicated using symbols.

Depending on your knowledge of match types, you may notice that the negative keywords don’t have a broad match modified (BMM ‘+’) version.

It’s also important to note that negative terms do not account for keyword variations such as plural and misspellings.

Negative Broad
Google defined a negative broad match keyword as, “a keyword setting that allows you to exclude your ad for searches where every word, in any order, of your keyword phrase appears in the search.”

Negative Phrase
Negative phrase match keywords negate your ads from showing on searches that contain the exact phrase indicated.

Negative Exact
Exact match keyword phrases only negate the exact search you indicate.

How to Find Negative Keywords
Start with the services, days of week, and offers you or your client don’t want to offer
Add a list of other states and their acronyms
Add all competitors’ brand names and their staff/owner names
Add your own brand name

How to Find Negative Keywords in Adwords
You can generate a huge list of negatives by using the Google Keyword Planning tool.

Google Keyword Planner
Search Terms Reports

Make sure to place specific negative key phrases on competing campaigns and ad groups.

Organize your negative keywords into categories and associate lists with your campaigns to improve workflow.


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