Digital Advertising Tutorials – How To Create YouTube Video Ads with Google AdWords | YouTube Advertising Tutorial

by | May 11, 2022 | 0 comments

Digital Advertising Tutorials – How To Create YouTube Video Ads with Google AdWords | YouTube Advertising Tutorial

by | May 11, 2022 | Digital Advertising | 0 comments

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In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create YouTube ads for more video views, youtube subscribers and conversions.

To get started you need to login to your Google AdWords account and once you’re here and under campaigns you need to click on this plus sign to create a new campaign. This time like I said we are going to be creating a video campaign. Now there are two goals here – one is for product and brand consideration while the other is for more of awareness and reach. I’m going to be creating an ad for one of my youtube videos and I would want people to watch my video and subscribe to my channel so let me select product and brand consideration. There are two campaign subtype standard consideration and shopping and let me go with standard because I don’t have a product to sell as such. Let’s give the campaign a name.

Now we can select a budget – daily or a campaign total budget. I’m going to keep a daily budget of say a hundred rupees and we’ll leave the delivery method to standard. Let the start date be today. Under networks here you can see the two kinds of YouTube ads – one, which we are more accustomed to whenever you play a video there’s a ad that comes in and you get an option to skip the ad after five seconds and the other is YouTube’s search results. So whenever someone searches something on YouTube your ad can come on top based on the kind of keyword that is searched for. So for this tutorial I’m going to keep a youtube search result as the network because my video is a whole five minute tutorial and nobody is gonna probably want to watch it before they are watching another video. So I’m going to select YouTube search results. The language will not be all, it will be English. The country is India, if you want you can narrow it down to more locations.

The bidding strategy is maximum CPV as I don’t have maximum CPM activated here. So I’m gonna select maximum CPV – that is cost per view. Additional settings – you can choose the kind of devices your video is played on. The frequency – how many times does one person get to see your ad. You can exclude the video from some kind of content like sensitive social issues and things like that. You can keep a schedule to your ad as well which means do you want to show your ad throughout the day or certain times of the day. Now let us go ahead and create an ad group. Let me give this ad group a name and you need to bid for your maximum cost per view. Let me try and keep it somewhere around rupees.

You can change the bid for popular video so what this means is if there are popular videos on YouTube and if your ad is going to appear on that popular video then you can adjust and say maybe that I would be okay with bidding % more if my ad is shown on a popular video. You can select the demography so I am going to keep the demography to be in the age group of to maybe I’ll remove the rest of this except for unknown. Parental status doesn’t really matter for my video nor does the gender so I’m gonna leave it at that. Household income is not available in some countries so I guess India being one of them which is why I can’t see it. You can also select from different interest groups affinity what kind of topics would your user be interested in. You can select from intent or life events things like graduation marriage or someone who’s just moved. Or you can also select from remarketing if you have any audience that you’ve made and you want to show the ads only to them.

I’m not going to select any audience for now but there are other ways of filtering as well like content. So this is where I’m going to filter let me add a few keywords because I want my ads to show on YouTube search results which is why keywords are important to me. Let me start by adding a few keywords. You can also enter your website link here or enter the product or service to get more ideas. You can select what kind of topics you want the ad to be shown around so let me search for marketing here, and there you go there’s an advertising and marketing category, there’s business operations and things like that so you can select. So you can select these options and finally there’s placement. Do you want your ads to be on a certain YouTube channel or video or website and places like that? So I’m gonna leave that blank for now and last you need to create your video ads. So let me quickly go to my channel and select this video. I’ll copy the video url and I will come back here and paste it. This is a video discovery ad – this is how my ad is going to look like on mobile or desktop or the related section of YouTube. We can also add a headline and two description lines, let me quickly add that. This is how the ad looks like. You can also select where the user lands on clicking the ad – the watch page on YouTube or your YouTube channel. so I’m gonna leave it at the watch page. Give your ad a name and once that’s done just click on save and continue.

And you’re all done.


Credit to original author (click on youtube video for more info).

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