Digital Advertising Tutorials – How To Create Google AdWords PPC Campaign | Search Ads Full Tutorial 2019 | Hindi

by | Jul 18, 2022 | 0 comments

Digital Advertising Tutorials – How To Create Google AdWords PPC Campaign | Search Ads Full Tutorial 2019 | Hindi

by | Jul 18, 2022 | Digital Advertising | 0 comments

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In this video you will learn all about How To Create Google AdWords PPC Campaign | Search Ads Full Tutorial 2019 | Hindi

Google Ads Tutorial For Beginners 2019 – Google AdWords Tutorial For Search Campaigns
Business owners have a ton of options when it comes to marketing their business. Many of the options cost little more than time (like content marketing or SEO) and are still affordable even if outsourced. Despite the cost-effective option of search optimization, over 70% of business owners in a 2013 survey preferred to cast their budgets toward PPC campaigns. That’s not really surprising when you consider that 64.6% of consumers click on Google ads when they’re shopping online. Another major driver of PPC is the immediate results that can come from it. Strategically crafted PPC campaigns provide traffic, leads, and customers almost instantly once the ads start running. An immediate return can be attractive over waiting several months for organic SEO campaigns to gain traction. But PPC campaigns are a bit more complex and require careful planning. 34% of marketers believe paid search is one of the most effective marketing tactics, and nearly as many feel it’s among the most difficult to utilize effectively.

To maximize your quality score — Google’s method of rating the relevance of your ads — you need a strategy. Luck won’t help you here. Use this guide to help ensure your first PPC campaign is a successful one. Let the brainstorming begin Every successful AdWords campaign starts with research. Specifically, customer research. Before launching an AdWords campaign, you need to know what your customers want, what they’re looking for, and how they’re searching for it. You could load up a campaign with whatever keywords you like and pull the trigger. But if your customers aren’t searching for your product using the phrases you target, then your campaign will be a bust. Even worse, if you target the wrong keywords, you could wind up spending a lot of money with little to no conversions. You can draw on whatever customer data you currently have, including detailed buyer personas, to help you start brainstorming keywords.
Your initial seed list of keywords will be made up of everything you think your customers would use to find your product. These are the keywords you would want your ad to appear under when your audience enters them as a search query. These include your branded keywords, which have been shown to have consistently higher conversion rates.


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