Digital Advertising Tutorials – How to Create Google Adwords Account Bangla 2022 | Google Ads Guide 2022

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Digital Advertising Tutorials – How to Create Google Adwords Account Bangla 2022 | Google Ads Guide 2022

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Digital Advertising | 0 comments

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How to Create Google Adwords Account Bangla 2022 | Google Ads Guide 2022
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Create a Google Ads account – Get started with Google Ads
Google AdWords, now Google Ads, is a system for online advertising of products and services on Google. For such advertising, you need your online account and website to link. Sign up and creating an account with this system is free and easy, taking only couple of minutes. We have written for you a clear guide on how to do it.

On the Google Ads page, click the blue “Start now” button in the upper right corner. Select the email you want to register under. If you already have a Google Account (Gmail), use this email address. If you want other people to be able to use your Google Ads account, you can invite them once you’ve created one.

STEP 2 → Log in
→ If you already have a Google Account (that is, if you already use another Google product, such as Gmail), enter your Google email address, password, and then click Sign in.

→ If you don’t already have a Google Account, or want to sign in with a different email address, click the Create Account button at the bottom of the screen and follow the instructions to create and confirm your new Google Account.

STEP 3 → What is your main advertising goal?
In this step, Google Ads asks you what results you’d like to see. You choose the one that best describes you, whether it is that you want to achieve more calls, visits to your store, or more sales/registrations on the web.

Expert Mode → If you switch to Expert Mode in Google Ads, you’ll see the following steps:

Here you can choose your advertising goal in a little more detail.
If you only want to register your account without an advertising campaign, for now, do so in the following click → in the lower-left corner (create an account without a campaign)

If you want to create an ad campaign right away, you can choose the type of campaign you plan to run in the next step.
You can choose from Search campaigns, Smart Shopping campaigns or Display, Video,…

After entering your Company Name and site name, follow the steps below as Google Ads directs you.

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