Digital Advertising Tutorials – Google Dynamic Search Ads Tutorial – How To Setup Google Ads Dynamic Search Ads Campaigns

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Digital Advertising Tutorials – Google Dynamic Search Ads Tutorial – How To Setup Google Ads Dynamic Search Ads Campaigns

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Check out our Dynamic Search Ads Tutorial for 2019 for Google AdWords. Google Ads Dynamic Search Ads campaigns can be difficult to figure out at first, so we put together a step-by-step tutorial for beginners to follow. If you haven’t tried this type of campaign yet, we will show you the dynamic search ads setup and how easy it can be, regardless of your experience level. So get started with Dynamic Search Ads AdWords Tutorial by watching our video. You can first check out our Google Ads Tutorial for 2019 below if you are interested in setting up search network campaigns.

Google Ads Dynamic Search Ads Surfside PPC Article:

Dynamic Search Ads Surfside PPC Article:

Google Ads Tutorial 2019:

To get started, we signed in to our Google Ads account. You definitely want to link your Google Analytics account and import any conversions before you get started. That will allow you to track your campaigns properly into Google Analytics with Auto-Tagging and optimize for conversions like sales or leads. If you want to get the most out of your campaigns, these are some vital first steps.

Next, you want to upload your Page Feed through Google Ads by going to Tools and clicking on Business Data and then clicking on the Plus Sign on the next screen and uploading your Page Feed. You can upload different URLs and set Labels for each of the URLs, which will help with targeting for your Dynamic Search Ads campaign.

Next, you want to start by creating a new Search campaign, choosing your goal, entering your website, naming your campaign, and choosing Search Network Only with Search Partners. Then, you want to select the box that says ‘Enable Dynamic Search Ads for this campaign’ when you are in the Google Ads set-up screen. You can enter your URL, and choose to use Google’s index of your website, use your custom page feed, or use a combination of both.

You can then go through the rest of your campaign set-up including selecting your bidding strategy, budget, setting up ad extensions, and more. Once you get to the next screen, you can create your Google AdWords Ad Groups with Dynamic Search Ads targeting. You can choose to enter specific URLs, enter your entire website, use Google’s categories, use your Page Feed, and really anything to target your website for Google Ads. The best practice for Dynamic Search Ads through Google AdWords for 2018 and 2019 is to set-up your targeting into different ad groups.

What is a dynamic search ad?

Dynamic search ads use your website for targeting and you do not have to set-up your Ad Headlines, Display URLs, or Final URLs. Google will use their index of your website or you can upload a specific page feed for your targeting. Dynamic search ads through Google Ads will set-up targeting and ads almost automatically, rather than your standard method of targeting keywords and creating custom ads.

How do I create a dynamic search ad?

Our video will guide you through the process, but ultimately, you will have the option to enable Dynamic Search Ads for your campaign when you start setting it up.

How do I get rid of dynamic search ads?

You can just pause your campaign and create Standard Ad Groups that target keywords instead. You are not forced to use Dynamic Search Ads in any Google Ads campaign, so if you change your mind, you can change your targeting to exact match keywords, phrase match keywords, and broad match keywords instead.

If you’re wondering how to create dynamic search ads, our tutorial will guide you through the entire process, which has changed slightly from 2018 into 2019. One other thing to keep in mind is you want to add dynamic search ads negative keywords to get the best performance out of your campaign. Now, responsive search ads and dynamic search ads are slightly different, so make sure you don’t get them confused. Dynamic search ads can be used for ecommerce website or standard websites.


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