Digital Advertising Tutorials – Google Ads 2022 … Latest Google Ads Targeting Update

by | Apr 23, 2022 | 0 comments

Digital Advertising Tutorials – Google Ads 2022 … Latest Google Ads Targeting Update

by | Apr 23, 2022 | Digital Advertising | 0 comments

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If you are using Google Ads right now you need to understand that Google Ads has changed … DRAMATICALLY!

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And this change goes to the very core of what Google Ads has been always been about since Google Ads was first launched in late 2000.

The core benefit of Google Ads has always been that you – as the business owner or marketer – were able to decide exactly when you wanted your ads to appear.

So if you wanted to only target for your ads for when some searches “1 Bedroom Pool Villa in Seminyak” you could use [Exact Match] keywords to make sure that your ads only appeared for searches when someone completed that exact search in that exact order.

So if they searched “1 Bedroom Pool Villa in Bali” your ad would not show because the user used the word “Bali” instead of Seminyak”

Or if they searched “1 Bedroom Villa in Seminyak” your ads would not appear as the user did not include the keyword “pool”

But since late 2021 this has changed because Google will now show your ads to those people because they changed their exact match keywords to now include “intent” or “meaning”

The problem with that is that your meaning may be different to Google’s meaning!

So in this video I am going to show a real examples of this change and the effect it can have on your Google Ads campaign and new actions you need to now take when you are optimising your Google Ads account.

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