Digital Advertising Tutorials – Aug 26 – Weekly LIVE Q&A To Scale Your Business through Google Ads

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Digital Advertising Tutorials – Aug 26 – Weekly LIVE Q&A To Scale Your Business through Google Ads

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Digital Advertising | 0 comments

Digital Advertising Tutorials

Some of the best digital advertising tutorials online.

Missed the Live Q&A Session? Catch Kasim and John every Friday at 1 PM PST as they answer everything you want to know about Google Ads, especially on Performance Max campaigns – strategies, secrets, guides, and so much more! See you next week! 💚

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For now, you can watch the replay where Kasim and John share how to start a PMax campaign for eCommerce the right way, what to do when your competitors are bidding on your brand name, how to control the campaign CPAs if they are high, and so much more:

0:00 August 26 Live Google Ads Q&A to Scale Your Business
1:08 What would be the best way to for retargeting traffic from a PMax campaign?
4:25 ​When serving shopping ads to multiple countries, are you setting up country-specific feeds?
5:09 How Kasim and John ran the best lead generation campaign for real estate
9:51​How to use all the insight from Microsoft Clarity in Google
​11:10 Which tool to use (paid or free) to find keywords that my competitors are not bidding on?
15:08 ​Does PMax start with heavy search and slowly roll out to YouTube, Display, etc.?
17:43 For ​Standard Shopping, is CPC outdated if you’re seeking high ROAS?
20:51 What to do when competitors bid on your brand name and drive up click/acquisition cost?
22:38 How to start a PMax campaign for eCommerce
24:01 ​Should I switch to target impression share as more a viable defensive strategy for my brand campaign?
27:06 When it comes to search campaigns, do you build out standard search campaigns or do you utilize Dynamic search ads?
29:13 ​Do you have feedback about the supposed “trick” to find out the share of shopping Ads within PMax using mcid report?
30:18 Would you say Salesforce + Zapier is the most streamlined way to import offline conversion values?
31:55 For PMax campaigns for lead gen, do you have any experience optimizing for calls only?
33:59 Keyword Planner vs SEMrush
35:10 Help! My PMax has been getting most conversions from brand terms and the ROAS is dipping quickly
36:33 How to control the campaign CPAs if they are high
38:34 If I have a specific product asset group doing well, should I launch them in a separate campaign?
42:22 If you don’t add any negatives on broads, how do you sculp/improve the campaigns?
45:03 Measuring the uplift YouTube ads bring to the entire MER of an eCom brand?
50:46 Recommended PMax daily budget and tips for retargeting in restricted categories outside PMax
54:10 What to do if your PMax campaign isn’t converting after 5 days

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