Digital Advertising Tutorials – #1 – DV360 Tutorial – DV360 VS Google Ads – Programmatic Advertising

by | Sep 22, 2022 | 0 comments

Digital Advertising Tutorials – #1 – DV360 Tutorial – DV360 VS Google Ads – Programmatic Advertising

by | Sep 22, 2022 | Digital Advertising | 0 comments

Digital Advertising Tutorials

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#DV360 Tutorial #Display & Video 360 #Programmatic Advertising
This is the first video of the series and explains the key differences between DV360 and Google Ads

0:00 Introduction
1:05 – Difference 1
1:48 – Difference 2
2:11 – Difference 3
3:22 – Difference 4
5:26 – Difference 5
6:37 – Difference 6
7:40 – Difference 7
8:04 – Request to Subscribe 🙂

This video is about comparison between Google Ads and DV360. In case you are wondering if you should switch from Google Ads to DV360. DV360 is one of the biggest DSPs and has access to all major Ad Networks and Ad Exchanges
This is the first video in the DV360 Tutorial series. In this video series we explain about introduction, campaign setup, optimization and rtpeorting in DV360 (Display & Video 360 previously known as DBM or DoubleClick Bid Manager)
Stay tuned for 2-3 videos every week for the complete DV360 Course

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