Dieno digital

We provide digital marketing solutions for small businesses across North America and digital marketing education services in the Greater Vancouver area.

Digital Marketing and Education

We are a full service digital advertising agency, and are able to execute digital audio, display, search and social media campaigns to grow your business and drive website traffic. One of our fundamental practices is also to educate by running online classes, in person workshops and empowering marketing teams to effectively promote their business online .

Website development & Business intelligence

Affordable website solutions and business intelligence services to ensure that your website is working for your business and not against it. We build effective solutions to get your business online and optimize for organic search traffic.

Small Town Beginnings & Big City Hustle

“I’m proud of where I come from, and love the fact that I still enjoy engaging with a small town community. Moving to the city at a young age set me up with an entrepreneurial spirit before I finished elementary school, but my small town humble beginnings set me up as the person I am today” – Leland Dieno (President & Founder, Dieno Digital Marketing)

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