Understand what your competitors are doing with their digital ad spend and strategy

“Have you ever wondered how your competitors have seemed to outrank you on google? Or thought about how much money they are spending on digital advertising? We are able to run a competitor analysis on your top 3 competitors websites + digital marketing strategy to provide you with recommendations on how you can make your digital advertising efforts more competitive. 

Your competitors SEO strategy and how well they are ranking.
What keywords your competitors are targeting on their websites for both organic and paid traffic.
An accurate estimate of what your competitors are spending on digital display and search advertising.
A social media advertising competitor analysis.
+ A series of reccomendations on how you can effectively compete with their strategy to start getting more traffic to your website and more sales

Most big companies and marketing agencies are providing their clients with competitive analysis’s on a regular basis. It’s important to know and understand what your competitors are doing online to attract more business.

This one-time package provides you with an analysis of your top 3 competitors and a strategy reccomendation on how you can effectively compete with them.

We understand small business marketing budgets and know that managing your bottom line is critical. We will provide you with tactical solutions that will not break your bank, but will be effective!

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