Case Study: Air BNB Rental Website

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Case Study: Air BNB Rental Website

by | Sep 30, 2018 | Dieno Digital, Digital Strategy Blog | 0 comments

Air BNB and the idea of renting out properties for short periods of stay has become a booming business. Realtors, Homeowners, renters, and business people are starting to operate Air BnB’s like any other hospitality business, and it’s making them a lot of money.

Technology will continue to grow in areas of service and it’s bound to only create more revenue. However, what is now happening is that in condensed areas, markets are getting saturated.  People are listing their air bnb’s on the primary website and then having to enter into price wars similar to how gas stations used to operate in the 1980’s and earlier. People are looking for the best, and most affordable rentals for their vacations or business trips, so often price points are what is determining leads\rentals.

Value is still just as important with Air BnB’s though…

What is the customer getting for their money? Is it luxury, is its location? is its hospitality and services? These are things that you need to use to differentiate your rental from others. The issue has been finding a way to communicate that potential renter.

Fortunately, if you are savvy with marketing you can take your air bnb to the next level and get a lot more people checking it out online with the right strategy.

Many people are not going directly to the Air BNB websites, but rather searching in Google (and often landing on them anyway). However, this has created an area of intrusive opportunity if you are able to build a website and optimize it for search engine results.

Here’s a look at the google search trends for Air BNB over the years:

air bnb google searches


I had a business owner approach me asking me how I could assist them in acquiring more leads (renters) for their Air BNB in a remote town outside of the city.

The answer was developing a simple, affordable website that ranked well in google and brought them more people who were actively searching for short-term rentals.

In less than 3 months the website for the Air BNB rental that I set up was ranking for some of the top keywords and actively competing for people’s attraction.

I’ve removed the location from the screenshot below, but these are some of the queries the website is now ranking for.

air bnb rentals


If you are renting out an Air BNB a separate website to highlight the attributes of it can differentiate you from your competitors. This is an extremely affordable way to get new people viewing your property.

Contact me if you are interested in discussing.