RankMath is now one of the popular SEO Plugin. So many of us shifted from Yoast to Rankmath due to its huge scalability in their Free version. Recently Yoast is going through very bad times. Their recent updates make unhappy to so many site owners. People are complaining that they are losing their site rank due to the vulnerable updates by Yoast. Moving on.

Sometimes we found that the preview images don’t appear on social media while you share the link with others. You can solve the issue with the help of RnakMath Plugin.

Add your OG image or link Thumbnail Image in an intuitive way with the RankMath plugin. This video will give you quick navigation of the whole process.

RankMath SEO Plugin Dowload Link: 👉

If you are facing a problem with your Link Thumbnail Image this here is a full guideline for you. You can fix the problem by following the detailed guideline.

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