Adding Google Tag Manager To Aventri Event

by | Jan 17, 2020 | 0 comments

Adding Google Tag Manager To Aventri Event

by | Jan 17, 2020 | Analytics, Dieno Digital, Digital Strategy Blog, Event Management | 0 comments

Aventri is an extremely powerful event registration and management platform that a lot of events and organizations use to power their event registration and workflow online.  Recently we had the pleasure of working on activating several digital tactics that was utilizing the platform to power their event, it was incredible to see just how much development time and thought has been put into Aventri (No, I’m not an affiliate, and no they aren’t paying me to write this!).

One thing that we did run into, that I thought I would share is how to integrate Google Tag Manager into an Aventri event. It’s rather simple, but unfortunately not straight forward from what we could tell.  We use Google Tag Manager, like most consultants and agencies in the sector to effectively place pixels (retargeting and conversion) on websites that we are actively running digital strategy for. Google Tag Manager makes it easy to quickly install and place pixels on specific pages so naturally we needed to get it into the back end of the event.

To save you a ton of time. Here’s the simplest way to get it done!

In your event go to the Analytics settings where they offer a giant text box (text area  \ field) to add your Google Analytics code at the top of every event page. Simply copy and paste both your Google Tag manager header and body code into this one field and click save. You’re done!