6 Tactics To Increase App Visibility

by | Nov 17, 2022 | 0 comments

6 Tactics To Increase App Visibility

by | Nov 17, 2022 | Digital Marketing | 0 comments

Now that billions of people have access to the internet and Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices, there’s an increased demand for mobile phone applications. Consequently, mobile app use is also anticipated to soar globally. 

Developing an app is only half of the success equation. The work of promoting it is more complicated. Therefore, it’d help if you had strategies that could be carried out even with a small budget. For example, to get more reviews and installs, consider buying them from a trusted website. Or, have a freelance app developer optimize your app for you. Nevertheless, if you want to have your app included as one of the highlighted category apps in a store, promoting it is imperative. That said, here are some strategies to employ to improve your app’s visibility.

1.Optimize Application Name Format  

Ensure to give your app a name that’s succinct and easy to recall. Particularly on the App Store, you should only use URL-friendly characters in your title. The reason behind this is that Apple constructs the app URL using the app’s name. Furthermore, avoid using special characters in the app name, such as a copyright symbol.

2.Use Influencer Marketing 

The growth of digital advertising has led to the emergence of influencer marketing. When done right, influencer marketing can be surprisingly effective.  

Influencers are everywhere. Their substantial online and social media followings are what give them influence. A well-known fashion photographer, a knowledgeable cybersecurity writer, and a reputable marketing executive might be considered influencers. There are influential people in every field. You just need to identify them.

The visibility of your application in the App Store can be increased significantly by social media influencers. You can get influencers to test and review your app as part of influencer app marketing to give your target audience a favorable impression of your product. These initiatives can pique people’s interest in your app, which leads to more downloads and better exposure.  

3.Encourage Users To Leave Reviews  

It’s always a good idea to encourage users to leave an honest review of your app on the App Store. Positive reviews are always prioritized by the App Store when validating an app’s quality, which raises the app’s ranking there. Most apps with positive reviews and ratings rise to the top of the charts. As a result, you must frequently push notifications to your users to encourage them to provide favorable reviews. Alternatively, you could buy iOS App reviews from a trusted site. 

4.App Store Optimization 

Your app must have a high visibility score to garner the interest of potential users. If you want to attract users, there’s no better way to do it than through App Store optimization. It’s the most crucial tactic for increasing mobile app downloads and increasing the app’s visibility. App Store optimization, in its simplest form, refers to improving your app’s ranking relative to other apps and appearing when relevant keywords are searched in the App Store. 

You can’t just configure App Store optimization once and fold your hands. Effective optimization necessitates patience and consistency. You must routinely review and update your keyword list to stay ahead of the competition. You would also need to track your App Store’s page views to download conversion rate and work to increase it through testing.

5.Optimize The App Description 

Once a consumer visits your app page out of interest, you want to ensure that the application’s features are aptly described. It must specifically state the issues it can resolve for the user or how it adds value to them. The reader should be intrigued enough to read the first few paragraphs. However, they may leave the app page if you get right into the technical specifics at the start. 

For example, if your software is a game, it’s crucial to describe it as being fun. If it’s a social networking app, start the description by listing unique features and how the app can help users connect with other users. 

6.Make A Website For Your App 

Increasing online visibility is made much easier by a website created expressly to advertise a new program or game. Users can find more information about the app there. Plus, it can be a landing page for visitors from targeted adverts or search engine traffic. Certain content may be restricted in app stores, but you have complete freedom on your website. 

Furthermore, consider adding user testimonials to your webpage. Include a prominent download link with a call to action for users to download the application. Even a small website with a few pages or a simple landing page will aid in increasing the number of visitors. 


Increasing app visibility on the App Store from scratch isn’t easy. There are so many applications in the store. You must therefore employ tactics that will make your particular application stand out from the rest. The best way to make your app more visible in the store is through app store optimization. However, utilizing the above tactics in addition to App Store optimization may increase your chances of improving visibility.