WordPress Theme & Plugin Development is a great way to make a living. There are millions of websites powered by WordPress which means you have a large market of potential clients & customers.

In this video, I share with you 22 WordPress Development Plugins that will greatly improve your workflow.

Learn How to Code a WordPress Theme:

Get the Code for DevWP:

The tools you use can make the world of difference in terms of your ability to be productive and ensure that your WordPress Themes and Plugins, are well coded and error free.

These are all 100% Free WordPress Plugins that you can get directly from the official WordPress Website.

Watch the video and you will see the plugins that I use and a brief demonstration on how they work.

This video is targeted to WordPress Developers from beginners, intermediate and advanced skill sets.

Some of these plugins should only be used in a local development environment while others can be used on a production website.

Investing time to learn how to use these tools will be paid off in terms of peak productivity and earnings.

Hopefully this video helps you improve your WordPress Themes and Plugin Development Workflow.


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